Now that spring is (finally!) upon us, I'm starting to go sans-socks and wearing all my trans-seasonal ballet shoes and high heels. But while I always keep my feet moisturised and pedicured, they were in need of a little more TLC for their new public outings so this week I went to have one of my favourite treatments of all time: the Margaret Dabbs pedicure.
This is no quickie file'n'polish. This is a proper chiropody pedicure where all manners of surgical tools and gadgets are use from scalpels to sanders to buff everything off your skin and nails, leaving one's feet truly perky and pretty. In under an hour, my feet looked healthier, younger and even slimmer, without any unsightly cuticles or dry skin. The treatment is suitable for those with more serious pedi dilemmas too (my amazing therapist Tamara says she loves a 'challenging' foot!).
They've just introduced a nail polish service too, making this the best ever pre-wedding pedicure I've come across as they will remain gorgeous beyond your honeymoon.
Margaret (the company founder) also has a range of excellent footcare products like soaks, serums and scrubs made from organic emu oil (harvested humanely from underneath the bird's feathers), which has incredible moisturising and protective benefits.
You can have her treatment at Harrods' Urban Retreat, her luxurious clinic in New Cavendish Street and two other London locations, so if you're coming to town for a day of dress-fittings it's an absolute essential pedi-pit-stop!

Margaret Dabbs pedicure, from £75 for 45 minutes
Visit for clinic details and product purchases.