Coming to the west end for a spot of wedding shopping? Good luck.
I don't mean that in a nasty way, it just never turns out as simple or stress-free as one would hope. But, there is a place to rest your soles and souls post-pavement pounding so if your day turns from giddy to god-awful head to one of my favourite hideouts on earth, the Miller Harris fragrance boutique just off Bond Street in London.
Being a perfume shop, you can search for your signature scent from nose Lyn Harris' exquisite collection (Oh my precious L'Air de Rien, I'll never forget our first encounter) and embellish it with delicious body products and candles.
Last year, the boutique introduced a little pop-up tearoom, which became such a hit it is now here for good. It's a place to release your dainty little finger as you bite into teeny tiny rose-laced cupcakes, sip delicate aromatic teas (blended by Lyn) such as Thé Petales and Thé Violette, and gasp at why you ever, EVER, dared buy perfume from anywhere else.
Lately there's a new offering on the tearoom menu, called Ruinart Rose Champagne and I had the pleasure of meeting her the other day. Soft and romantic, she tastes like the rosebud lip balm of a Degas ballerina. And how pretty does it all look through the unforgiving lens of my iPhone?
If there was ever a place to recharge your bridal batteries after a day spent squeezing your ribs into corsets, arguing with mother and missing crucial phonecalls from suppliers, set your relaxation radar to 21 Bruton Street, Mayfair, W1J 6QD.
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