Jason Shankey, the UK's leading male grooming expert, is launching a range of new men's shaving and skincare products that every groom should have in his boudoir. To showcase the collection, I was invited to bring a male guinea pig friend to Jason's Fulham barbershop and watch him perform a traditional wet shave.

So, now I'm torn: half of me is seriously impressed and very excited, but the other half feels jealous and bratty. Here's why.

A) Jason is a sweetheart. He was fun and friendly, and performed an elegant Luxury Hot Towel Shave (£32) on my be-stubbled friend. It was clean, precise and quick - and fascinating to watch may I add ('Shave with the grain,' was the tip of the day)

B) The new products are great. There are six items (£13 - £16) including a face scrub, mattifying moisturiser and hair styling paste, designed to be used consecutively in just 10 minutes. They're scented with a fresh-woody-warm-gingery fragrance that's grown-up and very sexy - without that synthetic zesty-toilet-cleaner spike that so many brands insist men want.

C) There are bespoke packages for grooms and their attendants, so they could all pile in for shaves and champagne on the wedding morning and emerge looking (and smelling) delicious.

So my problem is this: it's the most fun spa I've ever been to. But it's for boys. They've got a putting green outside for goodness sake. There's free beer in the fridge and Kasabian on the sound system. In the summer, while you enjoy an alfresco manicure, they'll project movies and sports on the garden wall. Where are all these perks for us girls? All we get are bells and Buddahs and perhaps, perhaps, a cup of lemon water. What I'd like is a glass of Chablis in a pretty garden and watch High Society whilst my pedicure dries.

Jason's got it right: mix pleasure with pleasure. If you secretly wish your groom was more groomed, or if he's toying with the idea of pre-wedding pampering but runs at the sound of panpipe muzak, I honestly can't think of anywhere more appealing to send him. I just wish we could stay too.

Head to www.jasonshankey.com for more information.