I am SO EXCITED about a new shop I visited today - walking through the door was like falling facefirst into my own dreamland paradise.
The shop is called The Make-Up Store, which, as cryptic as it sounds, might be a clue as to what it sells. You guessed it: make-up!
To set the scene, it's all black interior is lined with row upon row of make-up covering every inch of wall. There were colours I had never even seen before, in textures and formulas so exciting and new I literally had to prod, poke, scribble and smudge absolutely everything I saw. Talk about kid-in-sweet shop syndrome!
Highlights for me included hologram nail polishes (honestly, wow, you have to see it to believe it), lustrous highlighting balms, feathered lashes and superfine eyeshadows in electric shades.
The prices are great too - think MAC but a little cheaper. For instance their best-selling mascara is £11; I'm trying it out today and so far, not a smudge or flake in sight.
I'm particularly excited about their teaching ethos. As fun as this company is, they are on a mission to guide customers on how to find the right shades for your skintone, how to apply a flawless base and how to create any kind of make-up look, from a soft, natural bridal daytime look to a wild, striking hen party creation. In the coming months, they'll be hosting masterclasses and group teaching lessons so I'll keep you posted on these as soon as I get more info.
In the meantime, go forth and unleash your inner make-up queen inside this veritable party playground, and remind yourself that creative make-up like can be incredibly empowering, inventive and exciting, and why sometimes it's just so damn fun to be a girl.

32 Carnaby Street, London
Westfield Shopping Centre, Shepherds Bush