Today's special delivery had me smiling.
Beauty maestros Clinique have compiled a pretty selection of some of their best-selling existing lipsticks in colours that make your teeth appear whiter, which they sent this afternoon accompanied by a Philips Sonicare whitening toothbrush.
Clinique's Lip Collection for a Brighter Smile promises to lighten your pearly whites by one shade and I'm pleased to report this ain't no gimmick.
Dr Paul Siu, a New York City dentist, confirms: 'After examining panellists in Clinique's clinical testing labs, I noticed that teeth appeared at least one shade whiter after application of these specific shades. The results were truly outstanding. The subtle blue tones instantly brightened the appearance of teeth.'
Teeth whitening doesn't come cheap so if your wedding is approaching and you're worried about an unsightly smile, head over to Clinique and they'll find your perfect match from the 11 choices. I've just tried the Butter Shine Lipstick in Pink-A-Boo (£14.50) and I have to say my teeth really did look brighter. Well done Clinique!