This week I had a rare moment of work relaxation: my copy was written up, my next feature was planned and all my emails were dealt with. Time for a desk-detox spring clean then!
As I uncovered the contents of my top drawer (see pic, right), I counted 24 lipglosses, 6 perfumes and 53 (53!!!) nail polishes, plus some slightly weird one-offs like a B&Q tape measure, a pink crayon and a mysterious gold key (labelled "cupboard". But which cupboard? Spooky!). In all honesty, I hardly touch anything in there - they're mostly for the office girls to help themselves to. However, there are a handful of favourites that, if I were getting married this weekend, I would definitely take with me. They are:

- Jessica Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser. This cuticle oil, scented like a Parisian patisserie, prevents the skin around your nails from drying out and tearing. I type all day long so I can't use more than just a smidge, but it really works and my nails are now permanently groomed even without polish.

- Rococo Nail Apparel in Pink Panties and OPI Nail Lacquer in Makes Men Blush. These are my two favourite 'emergency-slick-of-glossy-ballerina-pink' polishes. They're not chalky or too thick, and have a fresh transparency that says 'healthy' rather than 'high-maintenance.' If you like your nails to look clean, unfussy and elegant, these win hands down (sorry, couldn't resist)

- Revlon Lipgloss in Peach Petal. Finally, I have found the ideal pale lipgloss that doesn't make me look like a Sixties hippy! It's not too shiny, it's very softening and just pale enough to drown out ruddiness from one's lips and replace it with a dewy pastel gleam.

- Estée Lauder Time Zone Anti-Line Wrinkle Eye Cream. I don't tend to put on eye cream first thing in the morning because a) I forget and b) I ride a motorcycle so anything that sits on the tops of my cheekbones gets soaked into my helmet's padding. I dab this on when I get to work and, as well as the long-term benefits, it give my undereyes an immediate boost of glowy freshness. I re-apply if I'm going out to a launch or meeting too, and it definitely brightens more convincingly than a smear of cakey concealer.

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