In New York this week, I picked up these brilliant Revlon 'Scents of Summer' Scented Nail Polishes in Duane Reade, the US equivalent to Superdrug. Annoyingly they're not available over here, but if you're going Stateside for your hen, a pre-wedding shopping trip or mini-moon, they're definitely worth hunting down.
At only 5 bucks a piece these hot little beauty stars are such fun: once dry, they emit a subtle but pretty perfume that matches their name, and come in a good range of colours to cover your hen parties, big day and honeymoon. There are eight in the collection (despite going into every drugstore I only managed to find 6!) including, from left to right: Cotton Candy, Beach, Orange Pop, Peach Smoothie, Grapy Icy and Ocean Breeze. The two I couldn't find were Gum Drop (a pale opaque lilac) and Bubble Gum (a medium bright pink).
Today I'm wearing Peach Smoothie, a gorgeous nude shot through with a very gentle shimmer that says 'fresh elegance' rather than 'showgirl sparkle'. It smells fruity and sweet, but not too strong, however our fashion intern Gareth did notice a hint of peachiness around me earlier!
Now that my jetlag is kicking in, I'm off to find sugary solace in the big bag of Hershey's Kisses I brought back for the office. If only those Revlon brains could invent lickable nail polish...