Master glowing, beautiful skin in time for the big day with the help of new skincare label OSKIA. A favourite of Brides' beauty editor Alice du Parcq, she says OSKIA's range of products are "just too delicious to ignore." OSKIA (which is Greek for 'delivering beauty') is a natural skincare range that incorporates nutrition to feed the skin from inside (and out) to delay ageing and beautify the skin. They have a range of topical and oral products, all of which include cell nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, glucides and essential fatty acids. But the star ingredient is their patented MSM-Regen Complex™, which has natural collagen boosting and repairing properties that are vital for strengthening the skin and preventing fine lines. 98% of OSKIA's ingredients are natural or nature-identical, organic where possible and free of harmful chemicals.