This week I had a visit from Bodyflow, a nationwide at-home spa company that sends a therapist to your house, wedding venue or hotel room.
I've had treatments at home before and to be honest there are pros and cons. They can get a little uncomfortable and awkward if the therapist is new and hasn't done home visits before. The fold-out treatment beds are often rickety and too narrow (so your arms flop off the sides!). There are no relaxing spa touches like scented candles, dim lighting and herbal tea. The pros however are that you can tumble straight off your treatment bed - either to a sofa for a pre-party power nap, or straight to bed for a 12-hour recuperative sleep. There's no need to race around town, worried about time/the office/the next train. But this time I was pleasantly surprised that my Bodyflow massage pros outweighed the cons.

Gemma Ireland, co-founder of Bodyflow

My therapist Agata was confident and very relaxed walking into my home (that makes it sound like some kind of dungeon of horror but it's very nice I promise!) and her deceptively lightweight treatment bed was massive and super comfy. I booked a Deep Tissue Massage as my shoulders and trapezius muscles were sore from a marathon typing week in the office, so with that in mind I dimmed my own lights and lit my own candle. I should have put some background wishy-washy music on (silence is a bit eerie during a treatment I find) but I'll remember for next time. There was none of the awkwardness that I've experienced before and, apart from the lack of spa luxuries, it was absolutely blissful. The massage itself was fantastic: Agata used the pressure I asked for and had that natural therapists' gift of feeling my aches without having it spelt out for her. An hour later, I felt untangled, calm, happy and clear-headed. And I was at home, with no nasty tube journey to bring back the rage and stress.
Whilst on the treatment bed, I thought back to the day before my own wedding and wondered why I didn't book a massage like this. I was bored senseless (there was nothing left to do/buy/write/plan) so I made a cauldron of Bolognese sauce, baked Madeleines, watched Neighbours and spent all night thinking about the bags under my eyes that I would undoubtedly get because I was still awake. If only I knew about Agata and the all the many wondrous treatments on offer at Bodyflow, I would have booked a full day of holistic pampering. And slept like a baby.

Treatments at Bodyflow are from £75 per hour and £95 for 90 minutes. Treatments include Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Yoga and Pilates.
Visit or call 0207 376 5278