Last week I wrote about my visit from the PR posse at Revlon in their 'Love Your Lashes' campaign taxi here - have you spotted the green cab yet?
They came to showcase their newest mascara GrowLuscious, which contains a cocktail of peptides and vitamins to condition and strengthen the lashes, so that they don't fall out so quickly thus grow longer and thicker.
I've been trialling it for a week now and it's definitely worth a special bridal blog slot because it's one of the most natural and flattering mascaras I've ever used. The wand is huge so I was expecting lots of smears on my upper lid, but no - the application was clean and easy. While you do need two coats to make your lashes look 'made up', the effect is soft and separated giving an almost fluffy finish like a furry baby squirrel or some kind of adorable forest doe which I know sounds completely bonkers but since most mascaras give you four really thick lashes clumped together, this does the opposite.
Anyway, now for the tears-test. I usually cry a lot - during romantic movies, at the DNA reveal on Jeremy Kyle, at weddings - but it's been a busy working week and I haven't shed even the tiniest of tears. So last night I spritzed my eyes with Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic, squeezed them shut then gave them a good rub, and as I stared in the mirror misty-eyed, there was hardly a smear or smudge. Impressed!
Another benefit is that the mascara actually feels soft: when I run my finger over my lashes, they feel healthy and conditioned.
Irritatingly for you, this brilliant new mascara isn't out until the second week of September, but if you read the news story linked above and find that green Revlon taxi, you'll be in with a chance to win a preview sample. Good luck!

Revlon GrowLuscious Mascara, £9.99 (out September)