There's a big trend right now for room fragrancing, from delicious new candles like Diptyque's enormous fig-scented urn, to weird and wonderful new concepts: I love Maison Francis Kurkdjian's scented bubbles (like normal bubbles you blow out of a wand, but these ones are perfumed with violet, pear or mint), or Cire Trudon's genius scented stink-bombs encased in little glass vials that you throw, guerilla-style, into a room to release a puff of delicious aroma (there are 6 to choose from; including my favourite Roi Soleil inspired by the dusty mirrored walls and waxy wooden floors at Versailles).
I know firsthand how powerful fragrancing your wedding venue can be. At my own reception, I positioned carefully selected candles in certain zones to give each room a 3-dimensional feel. The whole day had a delicious scented story to it: the ceremony had a bright, clean and soft orange blossom aroma; the dining room smelt of forests and tree sap; and the dancefloor had a sexy, velvety amber fragrance. So many people commented, but no one could quite put their finger on it: 'This room feels incredible!'... 'It's like being in your flat, with a dancefloor'... 'Have they put something in the air conditioning?' It smelt delicious, but so subtle, as if the room was alive.
I've been to many weddings where a pretty candle has been placed on each table, but it's usually the wrong smell or so strong it puts you off you food. Well, now there is a helping hand in the shape of a brilliant duo who really understand weddings and how to bring that extra dimension to your day. Becky Gregory, who runs Temple Gregory wedding planning, and Jonathan Ward, of the eponymous scented candle range, have come up with a clever concept of scenting your wedding day taking into consideration everything from the menu to the floral displays and venue décor. Their expert guidance comes within three different plans to suit your budget: an 'affordable' program, where you choose from Jonathan's existing range of candles at a special rate and have their labels personalised; a 'customised' program with a more intimate approach like hand-calligraphy on individual labels; or the 'design your own' plan where you can have an entirely bespoke scent blended for your wedding, which can be made into perfume to wear yourself and as candles poured in whatever vessel you desire.
I love this idea and I guarantee it will make your wedding even more memorable to you and your guests.
I can't wait to see what the perfume posse has to offer us next. Scratch'n'sniff invitations perhaps?

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