This weekend I organised not only our Christmas Day plans, but New Year's Eve and a January beat-the-blues party. Efficient huh? My mind floated off to 'getting ready' party-prepping (my favourite hobby) and there are a few things that would greatly improve this beloved ritual. So, Santa, if you're reading this, please remember what a good girl I've been and send these three new lust-haves my way!

- Ruth Mastenbroek Scented Bathrobe (pictured). Not satisfied with just a plain old fluffy dressing gown, I want one permeated with a delicate perfume that leaves a magical sillage as I walk through my home. Ruth's signature scent is encased in microcapsules woven into the soft downy robe, which can be washed 20 times before the fragrance fades. Fabulous. (£120;

- WonderCap. It's not the most attractive headwear, but I'm sure this heated chapeau will change my life forever. I depend on regular deep conditioning masks to keep my long hair in good shape and this glorified shower cap (which you heat in the microwave) opens up the hair cuticle and helps the products penetrate deeper. To be used behind closed doors I should think! (£30;

- Miller Harris Personal Engraving. Just when I thought my signature scent L'Air de Rien couldn't get any more delicious, along comes the opportunity to have my next flacon hand-engraved. One can have a name, date or personal message etched into the already-beautiful bottle. For mine, I think I'd have "Spray me... I'll make it magical", because that's what I imagine it whispers from my dressing table as I get ready for a night out. (call 0844 561 0992 or visit for your nearest boutique).