Many brides ask me what my favourite treatment or facial is, but it's a tricky question to answer because everyone's skin is different and we all seek something unique and bespoke to suit our moods let alone our skintype. I have however found one treatment that pretty much every bride across the land will fall in love with. This review from our insider guinea-pig has sold it to me!

"I was offered an opportunity to try out a new hot stone body massage at The Dorchester Hotel's spa and everything about that invite sang to me: a) I LOVE hot stone treatments as I carry tension in my back and shoulders and the smooth stones really untangle those knots, b) I hadn't been to the new spa yet and everyone keeps raving about it, and c) I had a big party to go to the following night and wanted to feel relaxed and well-postured after my manic week at work. So off I went, fingers crossed that it would be everything I'd hoped.

It was. The spa itself is so gorgeous: light and glowing (despite being underground) and very luxe with beautiful furnishing - like being in a princess's dressing room. Even the changing room was stunning, plus the robe, slippers... everything was just so lovely.

I was collected from the waiting area and led into the treatment room by my therapist who explained with great detail exactly what the treatment consisted of. In all honesty my brain had switched off by then so I nodded 'yes' at everything. The massage was heavenly: slow and gentle to start, and subsequently stronger as my muscles warmed up and relaxed. In what seemed to be a seamless, invisible movement, I could feel the hot stones in my therapist's hands and the gorgeous heat it delivered into my strained muscles. Then suddenly, a swoosh of cold water. Well, that's what I thought initially! Turns out they were fridge-cold organic marble stones used to balance out the treatment and make it even more relaxing. It felt like someone was rolling a can of freezing Diet Coke over my back but after a couple of minutes it felt incredible - unlike anything I'd experienced before.

I definitely nodded off at some points, and next thing I knew I was in the sapphire-blue relaxation room nibbling an organic cookie and sipping rose and lychee juice. I really didn't want to leave.
Not only was the treatment extremely relaxing, but the whole experience was sublime from start to finish. If I were to indulge and part with my hard-earned cash for a massage, it would definitely be here. It's not just about getting a good shoulder pummelling, it's about escaping the stress of reality for just a couple of hours and letting someone look after you for a change."

The Dorchester Spa's 'Hot and Cold Stone Therapy' is an 85min treatment priced at £160. For reservations contact The Dorchester Spa on 020 7319 7109 or email To see the Spa Treatment Menu visit