I don't remember having even a minute on my wedding day to re-perfume, re-juuj my hair or re-apply make-up, but I can see how some brides might want to, especially if you're having a wedding at this time of the year when evening equals glam and everyone gets into party mode a lot faster than in the summer.

I have a string of work Christmas parties this week and my failsafe, super-quick day-to-evening beauty trick requires only one product: a soft steel grey kohl eyeliner (YSL's, Chanel's and Dior's are my current faves and are either in my drawer at work or in my handbag!).

I pull my upper eyelid upwards and gently line the inner flesh rim of my lashes, rubbing the pencil into the lash roots too. If it's an extra special party, I'll do the bottom inner lash-rim too. It literally takes 30 seconds. Grey seems to give a less dramatic look than black and doesn't make the eyes look so small either. Plus, the metallic sheen adds a fun third dimension. But overall the effect makes a huge difference without going over the top. So, Christmas brides, have a little trick up your sleeve (or in your purse) and play up your peepers for that first dance!