This month is ALL about ballerina-chic. I loved Nicole Richie's ballet-inspired wedding look - the delicate high-neck, the gracious long lace arms, the skirt exploding into a taffeta tutu, the simple bun place high up on the crown, the sweep of sooty eyeshadow... it was so pretty and feminine yet quirky and different. Last night, Dior invited me to see a special preview of Black Swan starring Natalie Portman, the new face of their Miss Cherie fragrance. It was stunning and the dancers' outfits, make-up, hair, posture and vulnerability made me want to pirouette down the street! All the girls in the film had incredible bone-structure, made even more beautiful by their swept-back hair. If you have a petite frame and a slim neck, a ballet bun is a gorgeous choice for a wedding hairstyle. Next time you're out dress shopping, try this quickie version to see if it suits your bridal style:

• Smooth the hair back into a high ponytail. To get the perfect placement for the pony, imagine a line that extends beyond the natural upward curve of your cheekbones. With your fingers, draw this line either side of your face and join together at the back of your head. That's your pony's base point.

• To ensure a soft head of hair without kinks, lightly brush the hair when making the pony (it's a bit tricky but practice makes perfect!)

• One the pony tail is in place, prepare 6-8 Kirby grips in front of you.

• Twist the pony gently (not too tight) and wrap it into a coil. If it's not right, try it again - the beauty of having the ponytail already attached makes it so easy to achieve the perfect bun.

• Tuck the end of the pony into the base of the knot by pushing in two grips, and then place the other grips around the base for a secure fit.

• Any straggling hairs? Push them into the middle of the knot with another Kirby grip.

• To add an extra ballerina touch, surround the base of the bun with a thin ribbon (tied in a bow either below, above or on the side depending on your preference), or wrap the bun in a string of pearls or chain, or fix a brooch or clip onto its side.

• Spray all over with hairspray if necessary.

• Take a few photos of yourself from front, side and back to check you like this look.

Finish with sweeping eyeshadow to accentuate your cheekbones and perfectly groomed eyebrows.