There is a fun little network of beauty editors, writers and assistants on Twitter where we share our latest product obsessions and office reflections, but this week reveals a bit of a worrying conversation thread. It seems that everyone is going through a rough patch of trans-seasonal sleep deprivation. We are all very healthy and happy souls who practice what we preach (keep fit.. soak in aromatherapy baths.. exfoliate once a week.. rub in cuticle oil in front of Glee) but for some reason we're all sleeping badly. Either we're suddenly up in the middle of the night for no reason, or waking up feeling unrested even after seven hours straight.
If you're in the same boat (and feeling the added pressure from wedding planning), here are some helpful tips that have been retweeted this week:

Rex Features

"Don't drink water for at least an hour before bedtime or you'll need to 'go' in the middle of the night!"

"Try a black-out eye mask - the earlier daylight in the morning can be confusing"

"Earplugs and Dr Stuart's Valerian Tea ( Works a treat."

"A friend gave me Champney's Sleep Spray (, which I was sceptical about but it worked with me. I've also used Farmacia Sleep Spray in the past ("

"Try Dr Bach's Night Rescue Remedy ( It really works!"

"If I don't drink alcohol I really do wake up feeling so much better."

"Avoid bread and stodgy food like pasta and mashed potato at dinner time. It'll induce sleep, but you'll wake up feeling like a ton of bricks"

"Do your workout in the morning rather than after work - otherwise you're body is on an endorphin high for a good four hours afterwards so it'll stop you from drifting to sleep"

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