There's really nothing I hate more than having my photo taken, so when we were told that we needed new head-shots for the magazine this week you can imagine how delighted I was. Not.
So, time to round up the glossy posse and make this beauty editor look, well, a little more like a beauty editor.
First up, hair. I have A LOT of hair, with a mind of its own, and there are very few people who can make it look decent. One of these is the brilliant Jonathan Soons, Senior Art Director at Headmasters: he can wash and blow-dry my mane in under an hour, adding volume at the roots and a gentle kick (not twirls) at the ends, just how I like it.
Next up, make-up. I actually really don't like having my make-up done because I'm so picky and I've endured some hideous journeys back to my office after bad department store counter trials (why is it that when you say fresh, dewy and natural, you walk out with thick foundation, orange eyebrows and sticky brown lipgloss? Arrgh!).

BUT, ever the good student to my own editorial teachings, I know that professional make-up is key to looking good in the camera's flash. I was straight on the blower to Sarah Brock, a bridal make-up artist who works on our makeover and cover shoots, who is not only a thoroughly adorable person but she's very very good at natural-looking make-up. She did the whole team (here she is, pictured, at work on Bryony our fashion director - sorry about the messy office!). For me, we did a tinted moisturiser base with a liquid blush and toffee eye shadow using Daniel Sandler cosmetics.

Despite my wardrobe mistake (I wore a deconstructed cream Cacharel shirt, which is backless so I teamed it with a black vest underneath, but in the photos all you can see is black bra straps. So yeah, I look super dumb) it was a success and my dull skin / shapeless hair / untimely spots vanished in the camera's lens.
The results will be in the July/August issue of Brides (or perhaps sooner on this blog; anything to replace this one of me looking 12!), and it just goes to show that, in front of a camera, the no-make-up-no-effort look actually does require rather a lot of effort and professional preening. Jonathan and Sarah, we salute you!

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