This week's beauty blog is brought to you by the letters G, L, O and W.


It's an ongoing mission of mine to find the perfect dewy and radiant make-up products that aren't all 'showgirl sparkle' but lustrous enough to make your skin look gleamy and generally more alive than usual. But there are issues: anything too shiny and it looks like sweat in photos; anything too bronzy and it looks a bit Barbie; anything too pink and it looks a bit Care Bear. Also, you can't have cheekbone gleam without a pop of blush or you'll look gaunt, and you can't fake a youthful gleam without attending to one's under-eye baggage either. It's a case of product pick'n'mix to get the perfect balance and, finally, I think I've hit the jackpot.

Welcome Benefit's Finding Mr Bright! Where have you been all my life?
This genius kit contains four mini sizes of best-selling items that, if used together, create the perfect luminous 'base' upon which to add mascara and lips.

First up there's Erase Paste; a stiff concealer that goes on very sheer and doesn't have that awful clumpy dryness to it. Use it under-eyes, on the inner corners and anywhere that needs deleting.

Next is Girl Meets Pearl; a golden face cream that can be used alone or mixed into foundation. The texture is thin and slide-y, and it produces a barely-there but healthy gleam.

Then it's Posie Tint; a fresh pink gel-fluid that you dot onto the apples of your cheeks and blend in.

Finally, High Beam; which every beauty editor in the land adores. The ballet-slipper pink cream isn't glittery as such, it's more frosty/pearlescent and looks amazing on the tops of cheekbones and round the outer orbital bone. Try a tiny dot rubbed into the inner corners of the eyes for extra WOW too (and the tiniest sweep down the nose to lengthen a round face).

At £28.50 it's a great little investment not only for your wedding day but for your honeymoon too as all the products are teeny tiny thus ideal for in-flight and post-beach touch-ups.

Buy it online at or in department stores nationwide.