I do think it's worth making extra effort with your hands and nails a few weeks before your wedding. Quite frankly nothing looks worse than red, raw and inflamed skin around the nails from an over-excited manicurist, so really you want to give her as little as possible to wreck on the wedding day. To do this, follow these excellent tips from Jessica Vartoughian, the lady behind the legendary Jessica nail brand (and personal manicurist to Demi Moore - wow!). In two weeks you'll see a huge improvement - I certainly have...

• Protect your nails with a base coat to suit your nail type. You can find this out by visit a Jessica salon where a manicurist will analyse your nails and prescribe the best treatment. If you don't have time, Critical Care (pictured) is a fantastic all-rounder as it strengthens weak nails while boosting growth.

• Regularly paint your nails and add top coat. This will make you subconsciously look after your hands and prevent you picking and peeling your nails.

• Massage hand cream into your cuticles throughout the day (at your desk, in the car, on the train...). This will stop skin growing up onto the nail and prevent dry cuticles from tearing and wounding the skin.

• Spend a couple of minutes every night massaging a drop of Phenomen Oil into each cuticle and pushing them back with a cotton bud. Not only will this keep them soft and tidy, but you'll be stimulating nail growth and encouraging healthy nails.

• Exfoliate once a week with a scrub such as LeRemedi HandSilk Exfoliare to reveal soft, smooth skin.

Critical Care Base Coat for soft nails, £17.95
Phenomen Oil, £8.95
LeRemedti HandSilk Exfoliare, £13.95

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