I recently visited the new Chuan Spa at The Langham Hotel (just off Oxford Circus) in London for their signature Harmony one-hour massage, and for once I walked out feeling revived and rebooted, like someone had un-screwed my tightly wound knots after a particularly busy and frantic week.

When you're feeling out of sync and slumpy, the last thing you want is a rugged pummelling. You want someone to straighten you up gently and carefully, and that's exactly what my fantastic therapist achieved.

The Chuan Spa follows the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, so in their treatments they use specific massage techniques and manipulations to stimulate acupuncture points on the body in order to correct any imbalances and achieve healthier wellbeing. It's all done very slowly and methodically, from the reflexology on the feet to the brow-bone acupressure. If any areas are particularly sensitive, it corresponds to a symbiotic 'malfunction' somewhere else in the body. For instance, my lower arms felt quite sore during the pressure point massage meaning my lungs needed attention and I should practice long breathing exercises for five minutes each day. Duly noted.

The pamper box was definitely ticked too: the spa is a luxurious space with tempting relaxation chaise-longues and the treatment room was sumptuous and modern.

I left feeling refreshed (not dizzy and floaty like after most massages) and had the most incredible nights' sleep. One for the day-before-the-wedding, that's for sure.

Chuan Harmony, £90 for 1hr, at the Chuan Spa in The Langham Hotel. For more information, visit www.chuanspa.co.uk or http://london.langhamhotels.co.uk