Would you get a spray tan for your wedding day in the middle of winter? We asked International Tanning Expert James Read to convince us…

Can you really get away with a spray tan in the winter?
For sure, tanning isn't just for Spring/Summer, it's all year round now but you need to get the right shade to make it believable and natural. I spray a lot of celebrities and models regardless of the time of year so I use a layering technique to achieve the right level of tan for each skintone and to suit the season. For winter months I do an Off-white Tan. It's usually two fine layers of spray-tan on the skin, and I tell clients to wash it off after 6 hours rather than the recommended 8-12 hours. For any season or wedding, the trick to making it work is to pop blush onto your complexion to stop you looking washed out when wearing white.

Winter skin is particularly dry: what are your tips for getting ready for a tan?
Exfoliate the skin 24hrs before tanning. Go for a product that contains AHA (He-Shi Exfoliating Body Wash is perfect ); these help to remove dead skin and 'old' tan. Or mix lime & lemon juice with a thick face mask, tooth paste and crushed sea salt, rub over the body, leave on for 20 minutes, then remove in the shower. Having a steam also helps as it opens the pores and clears away any old tan colour. Use a thick hydrating body moisturiser morning and evening - one of my favourites is Sisley Comfort Extreme Body Cream. Three to four days after having your tan, start exfoliating so that your it fades evenly.

Which celebrities' skintone are you loving at the moment?
Rosie Huntington Whiteley, who I tanned her for the new Burberry 'The Body' Ads;  Ellie Goulding's skin always has a slight hint colour to it;  Pippa Middleton, who has toned down her tan to look much lighter.  Kate Moss always gets it right and  Gwyneth Paltrow always looks amazing.

With shows like Strictly Come Dancing and X-Factor on TV, the message we're getting is that you need a tan to look better on camera. Do you agree?
TV shows are just like weddings: the flashes and lights show up a pale complexion. Adding colour helps it look radiant and healthy, so yes, I agree a bit of self-tan works wonders. On the other hand if you are too dark it will look too strong and orange through the lens. I suggest you do a trial run a month before your wedding, test self tans to find the right one for you and take a picture with your phone camera using the flash to see what your tan looks like in photos. For the wedding day, have your tan 2 days before to give the skin time to settle down.

If you had to choose one at-home product to achieve an easy and natural tan, what would it be?
For a light skintone go for Sienna X Extend and Perfect Gradual Tan. For a medium skintone go for He-Shi Liquid Express and for a dark skintone go for Vita Liberata Rich Silken Chocolate.
For the honeymoon take a wash-off: Soap & Glory Glow Getter is perfect.
For the face, I'm a big fan of Chanel Soleil Identité Perfect Face Self Tanner.

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