The two question I'm frequently asked by brides-to-be and friends alike is 'Where should I get my bridal make-up done?' and 'Which products should I use?'

My answer is always the same: The first thing any bride-to-be should do is to have a make-up trial well ahead of her big day. Not only will it help you decide on a look that is best suited to you but it will also allow you to test different products, too.


To prove my point, I took a recently engaged friend of mine to the Bobbi Brown counter at John Lewis on Oxford Street.

Why Bobbi? Well, they really are one of the most perfect beauty brands any bride-to-be could wish for. Bobbi's ethos is all about looking like yourself at your most beautiful and her products are as luxe as they are usable.

We were fortunate enough to have one of Bobbi's top make-up artists, George Pelosi, do our make-up and teach us a few tricks.


First of all: The non-surgical eye lift. 

Using Bobbi's eye cream (which went on like nothing I've felt before: thick and velvety and very smooth) to even out lines, followed by the butter-like concealer to lighten dark circles. Finishing off with their intensifying long wear mascara to open up the eyes and adding a dash of shimmer with eyeshadow and eyeliner. My eyes looked bright, shiny and new!

Great care was also taken in not only finding my perfect shade of foundation but also my lip colour. Who knew I suited a very soft, subtle berry red over the usual pale pink I usually wear? It brought out my natural lip colour and enhanced the rosey hue my cheeks had now taken on. I could go on...


I loved my new look but the best thing about it was the whole experience was the make-up lesson that came complete with my very own 'Face Chart', giving me the confidence to go away and DIY my own make-up.

My friend loved her new face and felt that Bobbi Brown had totally sorted her out, for both her big day look and for life in general, too.


And here's the really good news: The Bobbi Brown bridal experts will be hosting a stand at Brides The Show and offering the chance for one lucky bride to have her own make-up done by a Bobbi Brown make-up artist. All you have to do is attend Brides The Show and visit their stand to enter! 

Terms & Conditions: Entrants must be 18 or over.  No purchase necessary.; Bride's make-up will be 45 minutes; Bridal party includes up to 3 guests, 25 minutes per guest; Subject to availability; Location constraints apply; Only one winner; Valid until October 2014