There are so many exciting decisions to make in the run up to your wedding day. The small matter of the most important dress you'll ever wear; shades, styles and season of flowers; a cake that's going to delight (and feed) all your guests, and feeling confident and happy that you look your absolute best ever.


We know you're obsessed with beauty - 71% of you agree that upgrading your make-up for your big day is essential. So this issue we have given you the most thorough coverage of the best beauty products and treatments out there.

Brides deputy editor Claudia has (bravely!) spent the past three months road-testing every one of them for you. From a skin-brightening routine to a more extreme series of 'injectables', she has put her face on the line (and up nice and big on page 128) so you can see the results for yourselves.


But if treatments and needles aren't for you, then one indulgent thing every bride-to-be can do is upgrade her make-up bag. Products that might be fine for every-day use, need a serious injection of staying power, luxury textures and prettier-than-ever packaging if they're going to accompany you on that day of days!

So I asked our cover make-up artist Sarah Brock to take a look at the contents of my make-up bag and tell me exactly how she would upgrade it to make it wedding worthy.
Don't miss her expert advice here and enjoy the rest of the issue...


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