Where do you start with wedding makeup? We asked Bobbi Brown, makeup artist and founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics to share her top tips to help you create your perfect bridal makeup look ahead of your big day.

1. Get the balance right. Most brides make one of two mistakes: too much or too little, which can leave you unrecognisable or looking washed out in photographs.

2. Allow yourself enough time (at least 3 hours) to complete your makeup look on your wedding day.

3. Do a makeup trial on yourself, just as you would with a professional, and have a friend snap some photos in various lighting so you can see how it looks. Practice makes perfect and seeing the final product in pictures will ensure you get it right when it counts.

4. Pick long-wearing formulas that don't crease, fade or run; look for key phrases like 'long-lasting', 'all-day', '12-hour wear' and anything water-resistant or waterproof.

5. Prep the skin for staying power, which means leaving facial oils, rich eye cream and slippery serums on the shelf. A simple, fast-absorbing moisturizer is all you need.

6. Make sure your foundation is the exact colour of your face (and body, if you're wearing a strapless dress).

7. Set concealer and foundation with sheer loose powder so it stays put and fends off shine

8. Dust bronzer on your face and neck to warm up and even out your skin tone.

9. Be sure to layer your blushes and eye shadows; by building colour, you'll get a more blended look that lasts.

10. Layer two shades of blusher, one neutral and one a brighter 'pop' shade, for a longer-lasting flush.

11. Don't try something you wouldn't normally wear for the first time - but do experiment in the run up with a slightly brighter shade of lipstick that you usually wear.

12. Go for a red lip, as long as it works with your style. If you love a bold colour, look for blue-red and orange-red shades of lipstick as these are the strongest reds.

13. Blot lipstick onto your lips or try a sheer lipstick or gloss for a more subtle take on red.

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