Eyebrows are having their moment - but how do you shape your brows, and what's the best eyebrow kit on the market? Whether your brow style is more Cara Delevingne than Kate Middleton, in the past few years hundreds of eyebrow kits and pencils have launched that promise to shape, define and enhance your natural brows. Where once it was all about the hair cut to shape the face, the focus is now on the eyebrows: just like a mascara makes your eyes 'pop', well-groomed brows frame your eyes, (and can make you look younger, too).


So, how to shape your eyebrows? Waxing, threading, plucking… there are various different ways to keep your brows in top-notch shape. Lisa Potter-Dixon, head makeup artist at Benefit cosmetics recommends waxing for the best results. "A good eyebrow wax can take years off your face. At Benefit, we map your face to get the perfect shape brow for you. Team it with a tint to get gorgeously defined, full brows and an instant eye lift in minutes."

For the best results, it is best to get a professional to sort your brows in the first instance (or book sessions every 4-6 weeks depending on hair growth). Here are Lisa's dos and don'ts for achieving and maintaining gorgeous brows:

DO have your brows done by an expert, particularly if you don't know where to start.
DO tint your brows, this adds extra definition and can really open the eyes.
DO add a highlighter under the brow bone. This lifts the brow giving the illusion of an instant eye lift!
DON'T over tweeze. The brow hair might not grow back so be cautious.
DON'T tint your brows lighter, the brows should be the same colour as the darkest hair on your head.
DON'T be afraid of waxing, it's quick I promise! And SO worth it.


When it comes to doing your make up, there are a myriad of brilliant smudge-proof gels, creams and pencils that help enhance the shaping and colour you already have. But which products come together to make the best eyebrow kit in the business? We put some of the most popular eyebrow products to the test, and here are the favourites. Think full, even, natural brows. No cartoon-like #InstaBrow here…