Hola Olay!

Hola Olay!

I've fallen back in love with an old friend. We had a fling a few years back then it all got messy and I broke out in spots, so we called it a day. But last week, we were reunited by a mutual friend. She promised I'd see a big change, for the better, and that things really do improve with time.

Welcome back into my life Olay; it's been a while but I'm prepared to forgive and forget. You're looking pretty good actually: I like what I see and I hear you've made lots of new friends. In fact, rumour has it you're doing better than ever and you're positively glowing.

Ok ok enough of the tenuous metaphors - you know what I'm trying to say! I have been seriously impressed by Olay's new skincare launches recently and there are a couple of stand-out products that are absolutely perfect for your wedding day.

The first is Total Effects Touch of Foundation. It's a tinted moisturiser that's gone straight onto my favourites list with the others I wrote about a while back here. The new face of Olay, the honey-skinned and beautiful Thandie Newton, apparently 'adores' this product and uses the Dark tint herself. It has a medium-rich creamy texture that blends perfectly into the skin, with a sheer tint that's neither matt nor shimmery but radiant and fresh-looking. With an SPF of 15, all-day moisture and Olay's signature 7-in-1 anti-ageing cocktail, this is a fantastic daily cream and wedding-day base for just £18.99, ideal for brides who don't want a make-up mask but a lightweight, even glow.

My second great find is another product from the same range, this time the Total Effects Eye Touch of Concealer (£18.99). It baffles me how traditional concealers make one's eyes look even more tired, puffy and shadowy - I say just put on a bit of refreshing cream and be done with it, because caked orange make-up just seeps into the crevices, draws attention to them and makes them look even worse. This one however is the best of both worlds: an anti-ageing eye cream with a subtle brightening tint that gently lightens the area.

Buy them both from Boots here: www.boots.com/en/Olay/Total-Effects


How To Do Your Own Wedding Up-do

How To Do Your Own Wedding Up-do
Wedding Hair Ideas; Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration: The Perfect Up-doWedding Hair Ideas; Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration: The Perfect Up-doWedding Hair Ideas; Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration: The Perfect Up-doWedding Hair Ideas; Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration: The Perfect Up-do

The other day, an engaged friend asked me in a panic: "What happens if my hairdresser falls sick or doesn't turn up?"
Well, it's unlikely they'll not show up (reputation is everything) but if the worst comes to the worst and they can't make it, it really is possible to do your own wedding hair yourself or with a bridesmaid. Have a couple of practice sessions so you're prepared and keep it as simple as possible. A sleek blow-dry always looks great (see my guide here) or if you want an up-do, try this chic and elegant chignon, as created by Aveda's Antoinette Beenders at the Christian Siriano autumn/winter 2010 show. It has a slight Sixties feels to it, and enough height and structure to hold a tiara, veil or comb. Click below to see Antoinette's step-by-step guide...

OSKIA Skincare

OSKIA Skincare

Master glowing, beautiful skin in time for the big day with the help of new skincare label OSKIA. A favourite of Brides' beauty editor Alice du Parcq, she says OSKIA's range of products are "just too delicious to ignore." OSKIA (which is Greek for 'delivering beauty') is a natural skincare range that incorporates nutrition to feed the skin from inside (and out) to delay ageing and beautify the skin. They have a range of topical and oral products, all of which include cell nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, glucides and essential fatty acids. But the star ingredient is their patented MSM-Regen Complex™, which has natural collagen boosting and repairing properties that are vital for strengthening the skin and preventing fine lines. 98% of OSKIA's ingredients are natural or nature-identical, organic where possible and free of harmful chemicals.




Lucy Tries Lash Extension!

Lucy Tries Lash Extension!
Wedding Make-up And Bridal Beauty Ideas: Daxita Eyelash ExtensionsWedding Make-up And Bridal Beauty Ideas: Daxita Eyelash Extensions

A few weeks ago, Brides' Art Editor Lucy asked me about lash extensions as she was planning a holiday and wanted to try them out. I sent her to Daxita, a London lash pro (and beauty editors' fave) who creates striking-but-natural lashes with lasting-power.
I've mentioned lash extensions before on the website here but just to reiterate, they really are a brides' best friend and great for honeymoons too!
I'm a sucker for 'before' and 'after' pics (have you seen the cosmetic surgery feature in the current issue?!) so Lucy has bravely modelled her pretty peepers au naturel and lashed-up - click here to see the results. Here's what she said about her experience:

What was involved?
It was all very relaxing! Daxita put on some chilled music, I lay back on a flat bed and she got to work on my lashes. She gently taped my eyes closed with gels before starting.

How long did it take?
Just over an hour

What was your initial reaction?
It looked great! Like a better version of what I would normally look like with 2 coats of mascara plus extra length. I'd say the look was more glam than drag - thankfully! They were really black and thick, and the best bit of all? To have that look without wearing a scrap of make-up.

Did Daxita give you tips on how to maintain them?
Yes: if I wanted to wear eyeshadow or eyeliner, to remove it with Simple Oil-Free Make-up Remover. All other products contain oil, which breaks down the lash glue and makes them fall out faster.

What were other people's reactions?
I often got asked "are your lashes real?!" Not because they looked fake, or too long, but because they looked too good to be real!

Were they useful on your holiday?
So good! So nice to feel presentable without having to wear any makeup!

When did they start falling out?
After 2 and half weeks they slowly fell out

Any negative points?

Would you have them again?
If they were cheaper, definitely!

Daxita's lash extension prices:
Full Set (60mins) £150
Half Set (45mins) £95
Maintenance (30mins) £45
Lashes Removal (15mins) £15

Daxita is exclusively at Atherton Cox, 18 New Cavendish Street, London W1 (0207 487 4048 or daxita@daxitalashes.co.uk)