Colour Me Mine Service

Colour Me Mine Service

The Colour Me Mine service from leading hair salon Daniel Hersheson is perfect for brides-to-be thinking about a beauty overhaul before the big day. Teaming up the expertise of Armani Cosmetics-trained make-up artist Lauren Hersheson with the skills of hair colourist Sibi Bolan (famed for Alexa Chung's current sun-kissed look), the Colour Me Mine service gives clients the opportunity to change their hair colour with Bolan while Hersheson creates a make-up palette to match. The service was born after Bolan found that clients who changed their hair colour were often unsure of how to complement it with their make-up, especially when it came to eyebrow colour. Based in Hersheson's Harvey Nichols salon, the experience begins with a joint consultation, followed by the hair colour change and Hersheson completing the new look with an individual make-up session using products from brands such as Armani, MAC, Chanel and Bobbi Brown. She then accompanies clients to the beauty hall to advise on the key products to recreate the look at home. Book an appointment in the final weeks leading up to your wedding day to give yourself time to live with transformation and get things perfect for your walk down the aisle. Sessions last approx three hours for hair and make-up; prices on quotation. Call 0207 201 8797 or see for more information.

Almond Attraction

Almond Attraction

Little almonds are having a big moment in the beauty spotlight right now, and we think the soft scent of these creamy white nuts is a gorgeous compliment to a high summer wedding outfit. Rather than being tropical and suntan-lotiony, the almond fragrance is patisserie-moreish with a hint of vanilla and fresh frangipani. It's perfect for those who don't want to smell like a flower shop but prefer something sexy and subtle that melts into your skin.
Sound tempting? Then set your smellivision to Roger&Gallet's new Amande Persane collection. Inspired by the aromatic gardens of Persia, there are soaps, body balms and shower gels galore, plus of course the eau de toilette, so you can layer up and capture that delicious dreamy aroma to last all day long.
As an added incentive, our tester's husband called the smell 'irresistible and yummy' and made him want to 'nuzzle' her neck. A perfect response we think.
The full range (from £5 for travel soaps to £29 for the eau de cologne) is available from Harrods this week - call 020 7730 1234 for more information.


Pre-Wedding Fitness Tips

Pre-Wedding Fitness Tips

This month's bridal beauty expert comes in the very toned shape of Luke Meessmann from TenPilates. TenPilates is a London-based company with three workout studios, and offers an intense style of Pilates that's designed to slim you down and strengthen your muscles. Here are Luke's brilliant motivational tips for kicking off your pre-wedding weight-loss or fitness regime:

- Tell others of your physical goals, especially those close to you. You're going to have some tough times when the motivation is waning, and a little encouragement or interest will make all the difference in keeping you on track.

- Make your exercise a priority. With our modern lazy lifestyles, maintaining fitness requires us to set aside time to "get up a sweat". Put aside the "time for yourself" and make it a priority. After the first few weeks friends and family will learn you are unavailable during these times.

- Make it enjoyable. There are so many forms and styles of exercise today that boredom is no excuse to quit. Use this time to try new things, meet new people or strengthen current relationships e.g. make a weekly run with your bridesmaid part of your routine.

- Know yourself. If you know you're not a morning person, the motivation of getting up at 6am for a run will become a constant battle and set you on a downward slide. Instead make this "time for yourself" at a time that suits you, e.g. in the lunch break or evening. This is about changing your habits and lifestyle; you should make it as easy as you can.

- Educate yourself. Take control of your fitness and learn about your body. The fitness industry is flooded with "quick fixes" and money-making schemes that play on your insecurities. Don't be fooled, it takes time and effort to make the changes you want. Believe you can do it.

- Take part in some 'extracurricular activity' as well as a Pilates regime to add variety and fun. It could be playing squash, bike riding, water polo, or self-defense. Try a few 'til you find something you really enjoy, and drag a friend along to make it a social thing.

- Compare yourself to others. It's a dangerous trap. You will make some huge improvements so be proud of them. Everyone is different! Make sure your goals are specific to you.

- Be unrealistic. You are not going to be the same shape you were when you were 19. You have stopped growing so your body will not be burning energy as it was during your younger years. Aim for a size and shape you have been before. Maybe you have an old dress or a pair of jeans that you once slipped into. Aim to fit back into them, not the size below or you'll only increase the risk of disappointment and frustration.

- Focus on weight. It is just a number. Instead focus on improving your performance e.g. running further/faster, decreasing your resting heart rate etc. This change of thinking will make you train harder, and the weight will subsequently fall off. Keep off the scales. The female body can fluctuate up to 2kgs (4 pounds) from morning to night so don't slip into this common trap of being obsessed with a number!

Prices of TenPilates sessions start at £12.50 for the first class with private personal training from £80. Open 7 days a week: 020 8969 9677 /
Bridal packages start at £300 for the one month bridal package.

Bodychef Week 1

Bodychef Week 1

In the lead up to their wedding 72% of BRIDES readers are planning to lose weight for their big day and on average want to lose 13lbs. If you're thinking of doing a food-delivery service to help you on your path to slenderness, follow BRIDES' publisher Camilla Newman's 2-week diary of her experience!

I've always been under the impression that if I had my own personal chef to cook me healthy, nutritious meals on a daily basis then I would be super celebrity slim too. So when I met my best friend last week as a svelte version of her former self, I was amazed to hear she had tapped into this very theory. For the last month she had been having healthy meals delivered to her door every day and had already lost a stone! Too good to be true? I had to see for myself...

Bodychef is her secret ( - and it appealed to me because the food looked normal with healthy tasty menus (and puddings!) No faddy food or suddenly a world of lentils and pulses here: after seeing Thai chicken curry and sticky toffee pudding I thought 'this is the diet for me!' So my husband and I have signed up for a 2 week trial...

Day 1 - First impressions

The box was delivered by the healthy fairies through the night and this morning we unpacked our meals for the next 3 days. It all looks fresh and tasty. My husband is concerned about the small portions and limited snacks, but I do remind him this is a diet and not room service! Looking forward to my dinner tonight of Chicken Fricassee, new potatoes, carrots and trifle for dessert.

Mid-week: Eyes too big for your belly?!

It's amazing how greedy eyes comes into your portion sizes on a day to day basis. I admit I was concerned when I saw the meals delivered for breakfast and lunch - they looked tiny! But not only are they nutritious tasty meals but I have quickly found they are more than enough. The dinners are fantastic: Thai chicken curry and rice last night was better than any take out.

End of week 1: 3lbs down!

Seven days, 21 meals and only one that I didn't love - the healthy take on a chili con carne wrap was disappointingly lacking the usual cheese, guacamole and sour cream, and it was a sober Saturday night after all. But the best news: I've lost 3lbs in the first week. Even if weight loss wasn't my main goal, I am sold on the idea of having healthy nutritious meals, which require no effort to prepare, delivered to my door - who wouldn't want this service? And you get slim at the same time? Amazing!

Find out how the rest of the trial goes next week!