Coral Colour Trend

Coral Colour Trend

Soft coral make-up is having a moment and I'm rather taken by it too. Just look at these treats that arrived chez Brides this week. To me it marks the beginning of the summer: those peachy pink hues look amazing on sunny skin teamed with pale clothing, and only in the hotter months can you get away with them without looking sallow and fluey. Even with a bit of gleamy dew (read: sweat) that peachy tone still looks clean and pretty, unlike other colours that can end up a bit dirty and grimy after a day spent wedding-dress shopping and running about town.
On your wedding day itself, team a peachy complexion with a faint chocolate lashline and soft mascara. Meanwhile, peach nails have flattering, hand-lengthening benefits so next time you're having a manicure try it out.

Top: MAC Beauty Powder in Alpha Girl, £19
Left: Benefit ChaChaTint, £24.50
Bottom: Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Purity, £13.50
Right: MAC Lipstick in Ever Hip, £13.50  

Make-up Maestros

Make-up Maestros

Did she or didn't she do her own make-up? Whatever Kate Middleton decided in the end, she looked absolutely gorgeous - so if she did do it herself and had some tutorials, then well done!

So many brides go down this route and quite rightly so. If you're confident about it, doing your own make-up can be relaxing and fun, plus it's a great way to save money. Our advice is to get some expert guidance from a trained make-up artist first so that you can learn application techniques and try new colours and textures so that on the day you know exactly what you're doing.

There are hundreds of ways to get pro advice - head to your favourite make-up counter at a department store, visit beauty stores like MAC or Illamasqua, or have someone come to your office or home (try or

For those wanting a more comprehensive masterclass and to boost confidence, check out The Session School. Their private Bridal Make-Up Lesson lasts two hours and can be done at their studio in London or at your own home. It's entirely bespoke and they'll teach you how to achieve an easy, beautiful bridal make-up look that you can replicate yourself without worrying about how you'll look in daylight or under flash photography, and how to make it last from aisle to dancefloor. Your allocated make-up artist will bring an entire set of brushes, products and cosmetics and have a good rummage through your own kit to make sure you're using the right items.

The Session School was founded by make-up artist Dani Guinsberg, who's featured regularly in Vogue, GQ and Cosmopolitan, and who has put together a troupe of fantastic freelance make-up artists who themselves have extensive editorial, advertising and catwalk experience. We think it's safe to say you'll definitely be in good hands!

The Session School's Private Bridal Make-up Lesson last two hours and costs £250.
Visit for more information.

The Day-Before Massage

The Day-Before Massage

I recently visited the new Chuan Spa at The Langham Hotel (just off Oxford Circus) in London for their signature Harmony one-hour massage, and for once I walked out feeling revived and rebooted, like someone had un-screwed my tightly wound knots after a particularly busy and frantic week.

When you're feeling out of sync and slumpy, the last thing you want is a rugged pummelling. You want someone to straighten you up gently and carefully, and that's exactly what my fantastic therapist achieved.

The Chuan Spa follows the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, so in their treatments they use specific massage techniques and manipulations to stimulate acupuncture points on the body in order to correct any imbalances and achieve healthier wellbeing. It's all done very slowly and methodically, from the reflexology on the feet to the brow-bone acupressure. If any areas are particularly sensitive, it corresponds to a symbiotic 'malfunction' somewhere else in the body. For instance, my lower arms felt quite sore during the pressure point massage meaning my lungs needed attention and I should practice long breathing exercises for five minutes each day. Duly noted.

The pamper box was definitely ticked too: the spa is a luxurious space with tempting relaxation chaise-longues and the treatment room was sumptuous and modern.

I left feeling refreshed (not dizzy and floaty like after most massages) and had the most incredible nights' sleep. One for the day-before-the-wedding, that's for sure.

Chuan Harmony, £90 for 1hr, at the Chuan Spa in The Langham Hotel. For more information, visit or  

Kate Middleton's Wedding Day Perfume

Kate Middleton's Wedding Day Perfume

What the beauty posse really want to know is: which wedding perfume did Kate wear?

It's no surprise; the world has been OB-SESSED with this iconic, beautiful, lucky, gifted and special bride ever since that ring went on, so finding out her most private and personal beauty ritual was bound to happen.

At 5pm on the Wedding Day, Clarence House telephoned a very happy PR company to announced that, yes, indeed, Kate was currently wearing the fragrance she requested from them a few weeks ago. She chose White Gardenia Petals, created by The House of Illuminum founded by British perfumer Michael Boadi.

Michael - originally a hairstylist for Vogue, Gucci and Chanel - turned his hand to perfumery and created the brand Boadicea The Victorious in 2007, winning high-profile fans such as Michelle Obama and Kate Moss.

Soon after, he introduce 15 new scents under the Illuminum brand that each contain just eight premium ingredients, and which clearly caught Kate's attention. A friend of Kate's tells me: "We all see her in the papers shopping on the high street, but she's also very savvy when it comes to niche brands because she goes out looking for them. She's not a celebrity with an agent who gets sent everything for free: she enjoys discovering brands for herself and she always gets it spot on."

And White Gardenia Petals was absolutely spot on for Friday's amazing occasion. The soft, light, delicate white floral perfume combines lily, gardenia, ylang ylang, lily of the valley, jasmine and amber wood to recreate the idea of a vase of white flowers swaying in the breeze by an open window. For an outdoorsy springtime traditional British wedding, she picked the perfect scent.

Buy it online at, call 020 8693 5150, or visit the boutique at 125 Lordship Lane, London SE22 8HU. White Gardenia Petals Eau de Parfum is available in 50ml (£70) or 100ml (£100).