The best man's speech is a much-awaited part of the reception. Are you feeling the pressure? Here at Brides we know that the speeches can, for some, be a cause of some concern. So here are our top three tips on being the very best of best men:
1. Remember, you're not only talking to your peers - so sex, bad stag-do-behaviour - and anything that will make grandma blush should be left out. You might think you're being clever embarrassing the bride and groom, but you'll look rude and inappropriate.
2. Make sure that the acoustics of the room are right: if guests can't hear you they will get bored or feel left out. Neither is a good scenario.
3. Practice as much as you can, and if possible get a friend to video your speech to see where improvements can be made.
We love the, which is full of handy hints on giving a good wedding speech.

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