Some of the most amazing, spontaneous, photogenic moments at a wedding happen as the bride and groom exit their ceremony in a flurry of confetti.

More than just a fun moment for guests to toss confetti in the air, the tradition of the confetti toss actually originates from Italy when throwing petals or rice at the happy couple was to done with the aim of bringing prosperity and fertility.

Today, the confetti toss can range in all colours and shapes of confetti to bring about a fantastic wedding photo. And sometimes doesn't actually involve confetti but other unique and creative ideas. But which type of confetti to choose? See below for all of the plentiful options and click through the gallery for more inspiration.    

Rice or birdseed

Rice is the original and traditional form of confetti. In more recent years however it was discovered this can be quite damaging for birds to eat and so now it's better to swap rice for bird seed on your big day.  

Flower petals

Whether fresh or dry, flower petals make for a bold confetti statement, especially if you have a certain colour, or many colours, in mind. Opt to match them to your wedding flowers, or go the other way and make them multi-coloured for a joyful look.

Paper or ribbons

Paper or ribbon confetti is a great option to get the colourful effect of petals but at a much cheaper price. Do be aware though that some wedding venues no longer allow paper confetti because of the cleaning up that's required. A great alternative is to opt for biodegradable confetti that dissolves as soon as it rains. Equally throwing ribbons or streamers can make for a great photo and are much easier to clean up afterwards. 


If your wedding has a green theme or is full of foliage, you might want to consider having small leaves as your confetti. This option is more environmentally friendly than paper and cheaper that petals, while still enjoying a similar effect.  


Another popular activity with guests (especially younger ones), is asking guests to blow bubbles during your exit. Do be careful which bubble brands you provide though as some bubble detergents can stain fabric. Keep your distance! 


A perfect option for a photo opp at night, have guests surround you and your partner with sparklers for a magical photo moment.

Beach balls

If you don't want confetti but still want a playful exit photo, consider having guests throw beach balls around as your photos are taken. It's a great way for guests to have fun, especially if enjoying a beach or summer wedding.  


Like the idea of confetti but not keen on the clean up? Hand out glittery pom poms to your guests for them to shake and cheer at you as your exit the ceremony.

Helium balloons

Everyone loves a helium balloon! Opt for balloons in your wedding colour palette and have them handed out for guests to hold as you make your exit.