Mary Katrantzou x Paperless Post

Mary Katrantzou x Paperless Post
Mary Katrantzou Paperless Post Wedding StationeryMary Katrantzou Paperless Post Wedding StationeryMary Katrantzou Paperless Post Wedding StationeryMary Katrantzou Paperless Post Wedding Stationery

British designer Mary Katrantzou has joined forces with stationery favourite Paperless Post and created one of the coolest wedding invitation collections we've seen this year. Featuring Mary Katrantzou's signature bold prints and bright colours, it's a fashion-forward wedding stationery collection if every there was one! 


Mary Katrantzou for Paperless Post launches on 27th June with 15 invitation designs. Prices start at 50 pence per invite.

9 Fabulous UK Wedding Photographers

9 Fabulous UK Wedding Photographers
Best Wedding Photographers UK 2017Best Wedding Photographers UK 2017Best Wedding Photographers UK 2017Best Wedding Photographers UK 2017
The Best Wedding Photographers In The UK
It's up there with being one of the most important decisions of your day - who will capture it. Your wedding might be the best anyone has ever seen, but without a professional to capture the details you have meticulously planned (and paid for), you might have nothing to show for it...
That's why we've put together a list of Brides-approved wedding photographers; so you can find the photography style of your dreams, safe in the knowledge they will bring the magic to your day, after it's all done.
Benjamin Wheeler
The slightly dark and moody style of Benjamin Wheeler's emotive and dramatic photographs are enough to make any bride-to-be's heart flutter. You can really feel the love from every one of his photos - managing to immortalise the most special moments.
Catherine Mead
Catherine offers beautiful bright photographs that will make you remember your day with the fondest memories. Using a modern style of photography, she captures the details beautifully using natural light as her aide.
Alan Law
Amazing moments are captured with ease through Alan's lens. If you want emotion to be the main focus of your photo album, this is the man to hire. Snapping natural and un-posed shots, Alan blends into the background while capturing candid moments that you'll truly treasure.
Igor Demba
Igor is a stunning international wedding photographer with a signature style bohemian brides will love. He's your guy for the most stylish snaps that seamlessly blend romance with realness.
David West
For dramatic photography with a difference, David's stunning scene setting will make you look like you've starred in your own film.
Abi Neda Riley
Fine art photography at its most beautiful. Abi captures the surrounding landscapes of wedding destinations just as well as the natural moments; up close and personal.
Charley Smith
Want a photographer that is used to shooting editorial spreads? Then Charley is your man. Shooting for the likes of Elle and Grazia, he knows the importance of stylish shots for your big day. Hyper aware of his surroundings, he uses every setting to his advantage - with stunning results.
Green Antlers
Husband and wife duo Diana and Sam are the ideal wedding and portrait photographers for bohemian couples and adventure seekers. Their gallery of international snaps will give you a serious case of wanderlust. Lucky for us, they're based in London - so can capture UK weddings just as beautifully as their overseas scenes.
Matt Horan
The king of alternative wedding photography, Matt's reportage style with creative posed shots; are perfect for couples looking for something different - like coloured smoke flares! In his own words - it's about light, less ordinary.
We Heart Pictures
Hector and Charlie are a married couple team producing bold and creative photography, that aims to tell stories and document the real moments. Capturing the essence of the party over posed pictures, each photo has one thing in common - happiness.
Caro Weiss
If you're looking for a fantastic creative photographer in the north of the UK, Caro is your lady. Based in Glasgow, her snapping style focused on the most romantic elements of the day, so you'll look back with a smile on your face with her warm and touching shots.

Wedding Dress Codes: Explained

Wedding Dress Codes: Explained
Wedding Dress Codes Explained - What Are The Wedding Dress Code Options?Wedding Dress Codes Explained - What Are The Wedding Dress Code Options?Wedding Dress Codes Explained - What Are The Wedding Dress Code Options?Wedding Dress Codes Explained - What Are The Wedding Dress Code Options?

What Dress Codes On Wedding Invites Actually Mean

If you've ever received an invitation with a specific wedding dress code request, you might have wondered what it all really means... What's the difference between semi-formal, morning dress and summer suits? In essence, what do dress codes actually mean? We're here to decipher the dress codes you might not know - from black tie tuxes to cocktail dressing, we've got it covered.

Black Tie

Black tie has gone through something of a renaissance in recent years in a wedding trend that's come over from America - it's now one of the more common dress codes that will crop up on an invite. This means the couple want you to come in formal evening party wear. For women, this traditionally means floor length or ankle skimming gowns. Dresses can be shorter; as long as they strictly tick the occasion wear box - aka LBD and jewellery to accessorise. The Kardashian/Jenner clan always nail black tie dressing, with their high-fashion style for red carpet events. Gentlemen wear dinner jackets - otherwise known as a tuxedo - always finished with bow tie, never a long tie.

Morning Dress
Sometimes known as white tie, this is the most formal code you can get. Women will be expected to be dressed in their finest, in occasion dresses below the knee with fine jewellery (and back before the 60s, ladies would wear gloves too). Gents, this is your classic top and tails. A tailcoat with waistcoat - all in grey, with white shirt, Oxford shoes and top hat to finish. Now rarely seen other than at very formal weddings or royal events, this is the traditional grooms outfit James Matthews chose to wear (without the top hat), at his wedding to Pippa Middleton.

A wedding dress code that millennials would still consider pretty formal. Typically semi-formal attire would be worn to something like a theatre or opera opening night. Times have certainly changed as this hardly happens any more (sadly). The outfits are ; a suit and tie for men and an evening dress or jumpsuit for women. Minimal jewellery finishes this understated but chic semi-formal styling. Kate Middleton is the queen of semi-formal dressing. 

Cocktail Attire
Yes, we all know a cocktail dress is usually a shorter style party dress, but cocktail attire has a little more meaning than just a dress for drinking martinis in. This is the perfect occasion for a classic little black dress - or opt for brights or metallics in a feminine silhouette like Lupita Nyogo's split side number.  Men should wear dark evening suits with a tie; it's a great opportunity to wear a velvet blazer jacket.

Summer Suits
This is more of a modern request from brides opting for a summer wedding or a ceremony abroad. Summer suits ask for guys to wear lighter colours and fabrics and means you do not need to wear a tie. Linen suiting is probably the best for this as it's light and breathable. Wear with loafers, crisp white short and a pocket square. Girls are encouraged to wear floaty summer dresses, but the rules for ladies are usually more relaxed.

Smart Casual
"Jeans and a nice top" this is not: jeans should never be considered when you are dressing for a smart casual event. Ladies are encouraged to wear dresses or a top and skirt with fairly formal shoes, while gents should be in trousers, (casual chinos are a good call) teamed with either a shirt or smart jumper, plus smart shoes or boots. Basically, steer clear of anything sports-related. For inspiration, look to Olivia Palermo for endlessly chic smart casual style. 

Hen Party Game Ideas

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Hen Party Game Ideas
Hen Party Games and Hen Party IdeasHen Party Games and Hen Party IdeasHen Party Games and Hen Party IdeasHen Party Games and Hen Party Ideas

So you're off with your hens and need to break the ice? We've gathered some of the most entertaining (and some of the naughtiest) games that you can all enjoy! Don't forget to drink responsibly and always act according to the law though… Read more »