Who needs another toaster when you can fill your newlywed pad with quirky conversation starters?


The Wedding Shop on Fulham Road has had a makeover and showcases a selection of strange and wonderful pieces from a metallic piggy bank to a 'glitter canister'.

Click through the  gallery to see our favourites!

The spruced up store is well worth a visit; the ground floor is a gift shop paradise, displaying gorgeous lifestyle and interiors statement pieces, but it's the first floor where these beauties really come to life.  The mock apartment set-up allows you to see your wedding list items in a home setting so you can imagine what they'll look like in your home - no more trial and error!


The store also acts as a one-stop-shop for all your wedmin needs. London's top wedding names are brought together under one roof so you can sort everything from flowers to the all-important dress.

Our top picks certainly value form over function (we adore the brass pineapple!), but with such pretty results, who cares?! We'll take one of everything…

The Wedding Shop; 171 Fulham Road, SW3 6JW; 020 7384 8485; www.weddingshop.com