Watch the video to see Natasha Corrett's exclusive plan

When Natasha Corrett, the founder of Honestly Healthy and the Green & Lean Plan offered to build an exclusive - and FREE - seven day plan perfect for time-poor brides-to-be, we got ready to tuck in. Now so can you! Fancy getting super organised with your meal planning in the run up to your wedding day? And packing yourself full of the goodness that comes from dishes rich in fruits and vegetables? As well as eliminating all those over-processed foods that so often leave us feeling unsatisfied and sluggish? Our exclusive plan is your fast-track to getting that glow on your big day. 

View the gallery to see Natasha's 14 exclusive Brides recipes, and watch step-by-step videos, plus your prep-night shopping list and instructions

'This plan, and the ethos of Honestly Healthy isn't about calorie counting,' says Natasha. 'This is about a permanent lifestyle change - we teach you to eat the right foods for your body to get you to your leanest, fittest, happiest self.' You'll be nourishing your body with the right foods in the run up to your wedding day, leaving you literally glowing from the inside out - and who doesn't want that? 

Like most things in life, the success lies in the preparation. You'll shop for all ingredients in one go and set aside two hours on a Sunday to cook some elements in advance for the week. 'When it comes to making this easy and stress-free, it's so important that you give yourself time to do your prep for the week,' says Natasha. The plan won't break the bank either, with fresh ingredients coming in at just £50 - always good when you're watching your wedding budget.

So what doesn't make an appearance in Natasha's fridge? First, there's no meat on the menu. 'There's nothing wrong with eating meat at all, but it can be more difficult for your metabolism to break it down and with this plan, it's about giving your body the absolute best chance of working effectively.' Cow's dairy is out, too: 'It's much harder for our bodies to process than goat's milk. If you want to give your skin the best possible chance to glow, cutting out cow's dairy is a good step to take.' Exercise is key, too, and the meals vary on days when you're working out. No gym? No problem: get Natasha's exercise videos.

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