There is nothing quite as invigorating as dancing like a diva, letting your hair down and having a proper boogie. What better way to kick-start your hen weekend than a bit of professional dancing?

The new fitness class, Seen on Screen, is a dance class unlike any other created by professional dancer Bonnie Parsons. The 90-minute class also offer tailor made sessions for hen nights and other special occasions.

Eager to try it out, we headed the Central YMCA Centre off Tottenham Court Road for a quick lesson. Bonnie's experienced crew have danced with all the big names in the music business, including Nicole Sherzinger, Jessie J, Florence and the Machine, Rihanna, Janet Jackson, JLS, Sony Playstation 3, Take That and Kelly Rowland - just to name a few.

Part of the beauty of these dance classes is that you can select the kind of music you want to dance to, or choose a particular artist. Although we desperately wanted to boogie like Beyonce (who wouldn't?) we opted for sexy Shakira moves instead.

Breaking down the complex choreography into steps and creating playful mini-routines, Bonnie soon has us swinging our hips and pumping out chest to the beat of She Wolf.

Although the beginning was a bit shameful, we soon lose our inhibitions and giggle our way through belly dancing sequences. 

Bonnie explains: "You don't need dance experience, just a positive attitude and be ready to get your groove on!" And she's certainly right. Grab your hens, choose and artist and prepare to dance like a star!

Seen on Screen also run weekly workshop classes every Tuesday at the Notting Hill Harbour Club and a monthly Saturday classes. Next sessions will be taking place December 10 and January 7. Prices start from £20 for a 90 minute class; visit to book your class now.