Get Your Gatsby On

Get Your Gatsby On

For sheer elegance, you can't beat Claridge's, but a dance venue? Well, yes - thanks to the launch of its Charleston Masterclasses (this is an iconic Art-Deco hotel after all).


Hot on the heels of TV hit Mr Selfridge and the big-screen version of The Great Gatsby, you and your hens can get into the Jazz Age with the help of London's finest flappers, 'The Bee's Knees', who teach dances from the Roaring Twenties in the setting of Claridge's showstopping ballroom.

It's also a great chance to snoop around this A-list hot spot - the Beckhams stopped here on their return to the UK, and it's a regular for stars from Kate Moss to Kanye West.


As well as the Charleston (you know, the one where you circle your arms and flap your legs), teachers will also demonstrate 'the scare crow', 'bunny hop' and 'fish tail' dances, and although wearing period costume is an option, you might prefer to dive into the dressing-up box instead; The Bee's Knees bring a range of accessories along - from strings of pearls to sequinned headbands.

Lessons last 90 minutes, plus half an hour's wind down with a restorative 'Flapper' cocktail (a delicious blend of champagne, strawberries and Crème de Cassis) originally created in honour of the opening of Claridge's Ballroom in 1929.


The masterclasses are available on the following dates: 25th February, 18th March, 15th April and 13th May 2013.   Each class is priced at £125 per person, including cocktail, and starts 6.30-8:30pm. To book call 020 7201 1618 or email;


  • Check out REVIVAL - RETRO This fashion is totally amazing - they sure knew something back in the day. I have discovered a shop in central London that sells these amazing dresses. You think the ones in that photo are good, they aint got nothing on the ones I found. Check out Revival Retro in Kingly Court on Carnaby Street. It's on the second floor and the 20's flapper dresses she carries are to die for. All hand beaded and totally AMAZING.

    • Pippa Tooher
    • 21 February 2013
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