What could be more romantic than stargazing with your new husband under a desert sky? This December, cazenove+loyd will be taking star-crossed lovers on a seven-night luxury camping trip to the sandy desert dunes of Oman, where a lack of cloud and light pollution make for ideal astronomical conditions and also a very romantic chance to witness the best display of shooting stars in 2009 - the Geminid meteor shower. This particular meteor shower comes in slower and heftier "lumps" so the trails are longer lasting. There will be an historian and astronomer on hand to guide you through the constellations and all the charts, planispheres and binoculars that you could wish for.
You will spend three nights camping on a remote beach where, by day, you can swim, snorkel and work on your tan, before dining under the night sky. When bedtime comes, you will retire to your own luxury canvas tent. But Glastonbury this is not: think stylish Arabian details with Egyptian cotton sheets, Omani rugs and hand-woven matting. Then, you will decamp inland for the meteor shower.

Just think of all the wishes you can make together.

The seven night stargazing camp from December 12-19 2009 costs £1,980 per person including six nights camping, with all meals and drinks and one night in a hotel with breakfast. Visit www.cazloyd.com for more information.