So, Kate and Wills escaped to North Island in the Seychelles to top off their lavish nuptials. Lucky them! It's the Christian Louboutin of honeymoon destinations. But if you don't have a royal budget for your dream trip, don't go booking a week in Bognor just yet. It's all about being savvy with your destination and your timing...

1. Fallen in love with the idea of a romantic retreat in Venice? Forget June, when prices are sky high; instead wait till July when you can expect to pay a couple of hundred pounds less for your holiday.

2. If you're heading for Cyprus or Croatia, June is your best bet (when flights and accommodation start at around £900), with prices whizzing up in August (think £2,300).

3. Budapest is bang on the money for honeymooners on a budget - expect to pay £500 for flights, while dinner à deux will set you back around £50.

4. If you favour a mid-haul escape, consider Mexico, where a meal is a wallet-friendly £5-£9. If the Caribbean floats your boat, bear in mind that in Barbados, dinner can hit £62-£93 per person.

5. Want barefoot luxury on an island paradise? Choose your dates wisely if you're drawn to the Maldives, as four-star accommodation and flights can rise thousands in peak time. Dining out can be costly too, with the average meal in Male between £77 and £280. If you can't stretch to this, Mauritius might be a better option, where the Mauritian Rupee (currently) offers better value for your pounds, and a meal rings in at around £30.

Facts and figures provided by travel money expert ICE (International Currency Exchange;