So you've just had the wedding of your dreams, but just where in the world are you and your new husband going to spend those first blissful days together? In a survey by online gift fund company Patchwork, 18% of newlyweds stated that deciding where to go was actually the most stressful thing about organising their post-wedding holiday. Three quarters of the couples surveyed explained that they wanted their honeymoon to be a "once in a lifetime adventure," and 35% agreed that the best thing they did was discover and explore a new place.


But, with nearly 200 countries across the globe, where are the most popular honeymoon destinations? Patchwork found that only 30% of UK couples remained in Europe for their romantic getaway.

Asia is the most popular continent besides Europe, with 21% of newlyweds travelling to the east (hello, Thailand, Bali and the Maldives!), whereas Africa, North America, and South America were each visited by 10% of the couples surveyed.  


Despite being an incredibly special and unforgettable occasion, throwing a wedding certainly makes a dent in your bank account, so it's no wonder that 66% of couples said the most stressful thing about their honeymoon was finding the money to pay for it. However, 45% of newlyweds agreed that their favourite honeymoon activity was spending some quality time together. 2% of couples even said that the best thing about their getaway was switching off their mobile phones, once again showing just how plugged into technology we have become.