The Fairytale Dress

Everyone assumes that the bride who wears this style must be the kind of girl who knows exactly what she wants. Like Disney, the princess gown is the stuff little girls’ fantasies are made of – and now you’ve found your Prince Charming and you’re living the dream. Think of the young Victoria Beckham marrying her heartthrob footballing beau, thrones and all. Or US royalty Chelsea Clinton who stole the show in a billowing princess Vera Wang number for her lavish nuptials to Marc Mezvinsky. The fairytale dress will be your best friend on your wedding day. It should bring out the best in you, boost your confidence and let the world see what a beautiful, amazing woman you are. Certainly, it will ensure you are the centre of attention (and so you should be). But make sure it doesn’t take over the show. Be careful you don’t get so carried away with being a princess that your dress becomes bigger than the wedding itself and you get lost somewhere inside it. Under all those layers of tulle, it would be hard for your husband – indeed, anybody – to get too close. When the day is over, the dress, the tiara and the glass slippers must come off.

If you choose the princess dress, make sure you have a smart fairy godmother to boost your self-esteem and keep your head out of the fairytale clouds. Get it just right and you’ll have your happy ever after.