Don't forget, this is your mum's moment, too! Here's how to ensure she nails it…

David Titlow


DO get her to speak to your fiance's mother about their outfits so they don't clash with each other. Or look the same!

DON'T assume your mum will only feel comfortable in a dress - a trouser suit is a great option, too.

DO allow her to break with tradition and wear black with some metallic accents, like a gold clutch.

DON'T expect her to spend a fortune.'s MOTB hire section has prices from £50.

DO get your mum to treat herself to some extra-special accessories.

DON'T pressure her to wear a hat. There are some cool alternatives, such as a Gina Foster headpiece.

If you… DO want her to wear a hat, make sure she considers proportion - if she's petitie, then a big-brimmed style will swamp her.

DON'T allow your mum to forget about her hair until the wedding morning - a hat and hairstyle are two parts of the same statement.

DON'T even think about letting her wear that dress she bought 10 years ago. She's so worth a new one!

DO get her to think statement, but not to go overboard - because…

You DON'T want guests looking at her for all the wrong reasons.

And, finally… DO let her know you can't go wrong with a knee-length dress and a well-cut jacket.