A wedding order of service is designed to help inform your guests as to how the wedding ceremony will unfold. By providing the order of service to guests, this helps everyone know how long the ceremony will take and also help to ensure no one misses seeing the exchange of vows.


Your wedding order of service can often be printed in the same style as your wedding invitations, or you can opt for them to look different if you'd prefer them to be more low key.

Handing out the wedding order of service to guests on arrival is a job that's traditionally given to the wedding ushers.

While some weddings will include a complete breakdown of everything that is set to happen during the ceremony, including the names of the various readings, poems or speakers, you can also opt to keep it simple with a general outline of the day.

How much detail you provide is up to you, but if you're looking for guidance we recommend asking the person who will be carrying out the wedding ceremony or service. It's also important to show them the final details before the order of service goes to print. The order of service may also differ depending on whether you are having a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony.

Wedding order of service for a religious ceremony template

Name of wedding venue

Couple's name

Wedding date

Entrance of bride

Reading or hymn - including the reading name and author, and who it is read by, or lyrics

The marriage ceremony


Reading or hymn

Signing of the register

Wedding order of service for a civil ceremony template

Entrance of the bride

Welcome by celebrant


Including the reading's name, author and who it is read by

The marriage ceremony

Reading - including the reading's name, author and who it is read by 

Signing of the register