Want to save a packet on editing and presenting your wedding photos and videos? Windows has launched a new Movie Maker application. The free downloadable software lets you create slick films and slideshows at home. It's super easy to use - you can edit your digital footage and pictures, filtering out any unflattering shots; re-order them; insert snaps from your guests; and add professional touches such as visual effects, film credits and captions. You can even add music effects including setting your wedding tracks to certain images and sections of film - so if the music is muffled in the film footage of your first dance, you can add in the track manually, so it's crystal clear. The final cut can be burnt to DVD, uploaded to social networking sites such as Facebook and Youtube, emailed or sent to mobile phones. It will make the perfect memento for your guests - and it should be a lot of fun making it! Download at windowslive.co.uk.