Try these steps now to create stylish twine tassels for your order of service. Minimum time but maximum impression!  


To recreate the the look, you'll need:

Twine, £2 for two 20m rolls, Order of services (top left), £2.75 each, Order of service (top right), £3.95, Anemone, £2.50, Tablecloth, similar £49.99, and scissors, £6,

How to get the look:

Cut a piece of card so that it measures 3cm high and 5cm wide. Now cut the twine into three pieces; one 190cm long and the remaining two 20cm long. Wrap the 190cm piece around the middle of the card 25 times. 

Take one 20cm length of twine and tie in a knot around the wrapped piece of twine at the top.

Remove the card, wrap the second 20cm length around the head of the tassel, and cut through the twine at the opposite end.

Now tie this to a separate piece of twine which you have placed around the order of service.