Drink stations are fast becoming our new favourite wedding trend - from gin bars to smoothie stands. Now vodka gets its moment in the spotlight and we've found the perfect starlet to take the lead role.
This uber-glamorous glossy black bottle of Belvedere Intense vodka not only looks the part, it's also the chicest brand being sipped right now by all the beautiful folk at top nightspots around the world.
Being a luxury, super-smooth Polish vodka, it's a perfect adaptable base for cocktails... although we don't suggest you shake it into just anything! We'd go down the classic-with-a-twist route, with bespoke vodka martinis customised to suit your wedding reception. For winter: try rubbing burnt orange skin around the rim and adding a dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg. For spring: a sweet floral hint of rose and violet. For summer: refreshing cucumber and elderflower. For autumn: a drop of comforting chocolate essence.
But whatever you serve, we can guarantee it will be a wow-factor performance with this sexy, sleek bottle.

Buy it now from www.thedrinkshop.com; £34.65 for 70ml.