Winter weddings call for romantic candlelit receptions: it's also an instant and low-cost trick to give your party room a luxury atmosphere without spending that much more money. Our suggestion is to use church candles and tea lights (all in different sizes) around your venue or have them clustered together as table-centres, which cuts the cost of flowers dramatically and look stunning in a big hall a la Hogwarts.
For the top table, add a little upgrade and place a scented candle in the middle of your display. Guests will smell something unique and delicious as they enter the room, and for the whole of the afternoon your table will have a three-dimensional wow-factor.

A new candle collection that has crossed our path recently is from Paul Edmonds. Now, Paul is better known as a hairdresser in chic Knightsbridge, however he has also designed a range of aromatherapy haircare and has now made a candle collection to accompany it. Inspired by his wife and daughters, they smell beautiful and suit several different wedding styles and personalities. The collection includes Alice, a romantic blend of rose, geranium, jasmine and patchouli - very feminine and vintage; Lucie, an earthy and modern combination of green fig and rich Moroccan spices; and Naomi, a glamorous evening scent of blackcurrant, rose, geranium and sandalwood. The vessels are a deep, almost-black brown glass and look particularly dramatic against a white tablecloth, or perfect with a chocolate colour theme that would work well this time of year.

The candles cost £34 and can be bought from Paul's salon. For information visit