Sarah Lawton, 29, married Sarah Walsh, 30, at Knowsley Hall in Prescot on 26th November 2016. She says:

I knew as we drove through the picturesque grounds of the Knowsley Estate and arrived at the historic property that it was perfect for us. Not only is it warm and opulent inside, but it is also exclusive. This was important to us; as a same-sex couple, we didn't want anyone accidentally happening upon our day - with the risk that they might say something upsetting out of a lack of knowledge or understanding. 

I was flicking through a Pronovias lookbook when I came across the Tane dress and fell in love with it. Luckily, Eternity Bridal was able to order it in for me to try. Its beautiful crepe material and lace applique were everything I wanted. The owner even handmade a plain cathedral-length veil for me, using the softest white tulle to match my gown.

My shoes were custom-made from Harriet Wilde. The shade I chose, as well as the gold and pearl details on the heels, matched our décor perfectly. They were exceptionally comfortable, too. 

My wife wanted to wear a bespoke suit that would complement her figure, feel comfortable and look smart. However, after approaching a number of tailors to see if they would create a suit for a woman, it seemed this might be an impossible task. Eventually, we found Hemingway Tailors in Leeds. The drive was 100% worth it. Sarah chose absolutely every aspect of her three-piece navy suit, right down to the buttons. They even stitched our wedding date into the plum lining of her jacket. 

Our tables were named after female authors who loved women, including Ann Lister, Sappho and Edith Simcox. We wanted to acknowledge those who've come before us, but who weren't able to live a relatively open life like we do. Quotes from their literature about love were also written on our Pink Sherbet stationery. 

We had read somewhere that having a wedding scent can really transport you back to the day when you smell it again later. We burnt Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia candles while getting ready, and also had it burning in one of the venue's rooms during the day.

Photographs by Jeff Langhorne