Jenny Gibbs, 28, married Ben Sinclair, 27, in Tenterden, Kent, in July 2011. She says: "All of our choices were about creating a relaxed yet magical day. The herb garden at our venue, Chapel Down Winery, reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, so that was our theme. Watching over the many children was easy as it was all in one space.

Our event stylists did so much to make it unique-at little extra cost. They designed everything from the invites to the looking glass table-plan and decor.

We avoided a strict schedule as we wanted to create a laid-back vibe.

The alcohol cost was more than we'd imagined. We had to serve Chapel Down wines- which are very good, but with prices from £36 for a bottle of sparkling wine, catering 118 guests was expensive.

The biggest bargain was my bespoke shoes. I provided measurements and told the designer how I wanted them to look. Not only were they spot on with the design, but at £150 the price was amazing.

Ben made limoncello for the favours (presented in mini corked bottles) and set up everything on the day with my maids.

The only downside was that the music had to be turned down early. I'd advise brides to check this before booking.

The final bill was around £20,000. The last £2,000 was a stretch, but the little purchases were spread over a long period, so they faded into over everyday spending.

My top tip: don't lose sleep over the things you can't find or afford. Sometimes you have to make compromises. Be creative."