Will and I chose a Bedouin-meets-British style with a splash of 1920s inspiration for our wedding at my mother's home last July. We wanted a relaxed country feel and everything from our love of travel to Will's passion for music was thrown into the mix. Working at Brides has given me so much inspiration and I've learnt that it's the little, personal details that make a wedding really special.

Despite the morning suits, the champagne and the five-star canapés, there was a definite homespun element to our day, I drew and sent out maps to the church and designed our order-of-service booklets, printing them at home before tying them with raffia. Our tables were named after books from the 1920s and the illustrations of dancing couples that I drew on table plans and menus were based on Georges Barbier etchings from the era. When it came to the party, we were inspired by Glastonbury chic (minus the mud) and Arabian Nights, and had three tents from Bedouin Tents - a large one with formal seating, an adjoining chill-out tent and a separate dance tent. Furnished with sofas, low tables, Indian ornaments and lanterns, the tents created an incredible atmosphere.

By the time supper was over, I'd kicked off my shoes and was ready for our first dance, My Doorbell by The White Stripes. The dance floor was packed all night as friends and family danced to songs they'd listed on their RSVP cards. Meanwhile, the ushers placed jam jars filled with tea lights along the drive and when it was time to go, our guests waved is off with giant sparklers. But we didn't actually leave! We slipped back to the party for more dancing before heading to the bottom of the field to spend the night in a teepee under the stars.