Magalie Billaud, 40, married Barney Morgan, 41, in France, in August 2012. She says:

"I'm French so we knew instantly that we wanted to get married in south-west France.  We didn't hold the wedding exactly where I grew up though, for fear of the whole village turning up!

Our colour scheme was red, white and blue to reflect the colours of our nations. We included French and British traditions throughout the day.

It came as a surprise that we had to get married in England first in order to make our marriage legal, before we had a Catholic ceremony in France.

A friend recommended a dressmaker.  I chose a fitted Mad Men-style dress, which worked well with the vintage theme and also matched Barney's blue suit perfectly.

Barney had his shoes personalised with our initials, the venue and the date. Oliver Sweeny can 'tattoo' any design on the sole or upper sole of the shoe, with prices starting from just £25.

It was important to have music local to my region, the Vendee. One of the customs is the Danse de la Brioche where the bride and groom waltz while holding aloft a giant brioche, to show strength!

My top tip: You need to speak the language, or know someone who does, as there is a lot of paperwork involved. The legal requirements were huge."

Photography by Maria Farelly;