Lauren Siepiela, 27, and Tom Podbury, 27 wed at Asterley Castle in July 2011. She says: "I'm from Texas so I wanted to combine American and English traditions. We incorporated family heirlooms, a bit of indulgence and meaningful DIY touches.

We chose Amberley Castle for many reasons; the gardens are too beautiful!

After swapping soft pink for coral, we found it difficult to source decor in the new colour scheme. We finally found the right shade of ribbon on, and our florist found the perfect coral rose.

I embroidered beautiful antique handkerchiefs, found in a market, as gifts for the mothers and grandmothers.

Our biggest extravagance was the fireworks display. Our wedding planner advised us to shorten the display so we could negotiate a lower rate.

Our parents helped with the decorations. Tom's mother decorated the church with ivy and flowers grown from seeds she'd planted when we got engaged. My mother sewed curtains and tablecloths for the marquee, and Tom's father made a wooden wedding signpost.

The wedding planner was so helpful and took away any stress on the day.

My top tip: stop, breathe and take in each 'milestone' to remember it all vividly.

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