Journalist Fiona Kerr, 27, married engineer Peter Brice, 27, after his Glastonbury Festival proposal.

Fiona says: We couldn't have wished for a better venue. The owner of Friars Court allowed us to make it completely our own. We were able to decorate it the day before and he added extra touches after we'd left, which was a lovely surprise when we arrived on the day.

It was a family affair. The vicar was Pete's  father, Chris, who conducted a moving  ceremony. Pete's sisters read, my younger brother gave me away and made a fantastic speech - despite having finished it that morning - and Pete's mum made our cake.

I chose my flowers a week before the wedding. I went to the fields of the florists Green and Gorgeous where they grow their blooms. It was great fun, but a relaxed temperament is essential as the process is very last minute. Of course, it did ensure that I got that 'just picked' look I love.

We had decided on a music playlist for the night. It was like a musical history of our lives - from the song playing when we got engaged to songs I'd danced to with friends.  We had two friends as DJs. Towards the end of the evening, Elbow's 'One Day Like This' came on and all our friends circled around  us. I felt complete elation.

My advice to brides: Mood boards are fun   to create and so useful. And have dancing shoes - I switched from heels to comfortable satin shoes. I discovered that you don't get many chances to sit down at your wedding!"

Photography by Jeremy Enness;